Yasai Ita-meh (Vegetable stir-fry), Baked Tofu and Easy Kimchi Rice

So, we came back from our vacation yesterday and I think I’m officially in the Summer time cooking slump.  The heat and the lack of motivation to cook will probably last until early September-ish.  I’ll still be cooking here and there but not like before, but who knows, maybe I’ll even surprise myself.  Also, I’ll resume cooking from the Moosewood cookbook in the Fall (since most of the recipes now are stew and soup type of Fall/Winter dishes).  After about a week of vacation and eating out (we tried our darnest to eat healthy but we did eat some meat during the trip), it’s time to get back on the bandwagon.  Today, I cooked a really simple meal for my family. 

I made this for my kids.  Basically it’s Yasai Ita-meh (Japanese stir fried vegetables) using cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, red bell pepper, onion and broccoli.  It’s minimally seasoned with salt and pepper; I minced and sliced garlic to add different types of texture and flavours.  With the Baked Tofu, just slice firm cake of tofu and pat them dry with paper towel.  Place them on greased baking pan and drizzle sauce (which consist of soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, sugar, cooking wine, canola oil, and chopped green onions –  the measurements are up to your taste).  Just arrange the finished products as you like – for mine, as you see in the photo, I shaped the rice in a small square ramekin, put baked tofu on top, put the veggies on the side, and egg over easy. 

For the grown ups, I chopped “just right” good quality kimchi and mixed in hot steaming white rice and drizzled some sesame oil.   Fried a sunny side up egg and all done:-) 

Note:  Some times, minimal seasoning is the best way to go;  you know how the expression goes “Less is More”.   Anyway, because I had fresh kimchi I didn’t have to mess with it too much by adding other spices and seasonings.  Same goes with the vegetable stir fry, just the taste of garlic, salt and black pepper was simple but “enough” for us – plus you’re getting all these delicious flavours from different fresh veggies!


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