Sweet Pepper Vegetable Omu Rice

Yesterday, my youngest daughter turned 10 years old.  I’m thinking to myself, “Wow, she’s double digit!!  Pretty soon she’ll be graduating from high school, college, grad school, work, getting married, and I’ll be a grandmom!! ” She specifically requested for one of her favorite food “Omu Rice” which is Japanese version of fried rice nestled inside the omelet with ketchup on the top, and Strawberry Tiramisu for her dinner and birthday cake. 
We had abundant sweet peppers (courtesy of my friend who went to a farm in NJ and picked plenty of peppers and tomatoes) so I decided to incorporate this into the fried rice.  I once saw on a Japanese TV show how they used bell peppers for children who didn’t like the taste of peppers.  Basically you roast the peppers and once cooled, you puree them and add them to the fried rice.  In this way kids don’t taste the “bitterness” of peppers (as they claim) and still get tons of vitamins.  My girls will eat the yellow and orange bell peppers, but they always have issues with the green and the red, so for us, this was a very good use of the red peppers!!

Here, I have 5 bell peppers (washed, dried, cut into halves and deseeded) – Lightly coat them in olive oil and sprinkle sea salt
Bake in 450F for about 25-30 minutes; let them cool completely
Puree in the blender
I diced carrots, zucchinis and onions; added frozen corns and peas, cook them until softened, and just add black pepper a little more salt to taste
I usually cook the rice a day ahead and have the rice chill in the frig (it’s easier to make fried rice this way); make sure the veggies and rice are fully mixed well
Add the bell pepper puree and mix well
Serve the fried rice on the plate, drape the omelet and tuck in the edges, pour ketchup and dig in!  For us grown ups, we like to put sriracha  (Thai hot sauce – in fact, one of my friend’s grandmother, who is a Thai,  is said to be the creator of the original Sriracha recipe! ) and ketchup for the zing!

I only put salt and pepper for the fried rice seasoning (to keep it simple), but you can add other seasonings too!


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