Kim-Bap Tempura

I feel like this Christmas break is zooming by really fast.  I always felt like Christmas break ended up more busy than Spring break or definitely Summer vacation.  Too many doctor’s appointments for the children (not too happy that my oldest is getting eye glasses and my youngest now needs braces for her teeth, argh…) – holiday gatherings amongst friends and families (all great stuff, but very tiring). 
I made Kim-bap (Korean sushi roll) right before Christmas for my kids (my niece and nephew included).  I made enough so I just put the left over rolls in the frig.  You have to consume kim-bap (or any other sushi roll) within that day or the rice becomes hardened the next day.  As long as you keep the rolls in a cool place, it should be semi okay the next day, but the taste and texture quality drops.

I didn’t want to waste the rolls of kim-bap so I decided to make tempura (Japanese deep fried food)! 
There are many variations to the tempura batter recipe, but this is the one I used:
1 egg
1 cup of cold water (ice water)
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 to 1 cup of flour
Lightly beat the egg in the cold water, add baking soda and flour, mix is just enough (you don’t want to over mix this batter). 
One at a time, dip in the sliced kim-bap (I used a very long pair of chopstick) and carefully put the battered kim-bap in a hot oil.
When both sides are golden brown, take it out and rest it on a plate with paper towel on it. 
I made the sauce made from mayonnaise (Japanese brand “Kewpie”) and Sriracha and drizzled over the kim-bap tempura.   You can’t eat deep fried foods often, but this was such a treat.  By making kim-bap into tempura, it revived the quality of kim-bap and it was like eating a whole different type of food!!  A must try!!


2 thoughts on “Kim-Bap Tempura

  1. wow! who would ve thought you could make tempura out of 'makimono'! but you can make deep-fried balls out of left-over risotto too, so i guess it s kind of the same ne. i love the way you combine mayo and sciracha too 😉

  2. you know, every time I make kim-bap (which isn't often), I feel pressured to eat the kim-bap soon (b/c you can't keep these for long, and once they're in the fridge, the rice gets hard, same thing as any makimono desho). Then I thought, people deep fry practically everything, why not kim-bap!!

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