Japanese Style Crepes

Many people will ask, “Japanese style crepes?!”  “isn’t crepe French?”  Well, yes, French originated crepes, but you know Japanese, they are very very good at adopting ideas, technologies and foods and making them Japanese.  Growing up in Japan, I used to go to downtown Kobe with my friends after school and get crepes.  They were filled with all sorts of goodies (ie. whipped cream and various fruits, some were savory fillings too). 

A friend of mine asked me yesterday if I had recipe for Japanese crepes?  The crispy kind (unlike the French version).  I personally didn’t have it, so once again, my curiosity overtook me and I was searching online.  I couldn’t find much with the American-English Google, so I switched to Japanese Google and found couple of promising recipes.  I took my basic recipe from here, but had to adapt somewhat.  I played around with the measurements, and also filled more steps for the recipe.  I personally don’t know if I can make a large crisp crepe without this:
But, let’s be honest, unless I’m planning on making crepes, blinis, and Swedish pancakes very very often, I don’t think it justifies for me to spend $50 plus for this fancy crepe maker (however, there is a big part of me that really wants this!). 

So, I did what I can do with my 9-10inch non-stick pan and dove right into crepe making! ** This is my first attempt, the end results are not pretty, but was very delicious!

Japanese style crepe with biscoff spread, whipped cream, sliced bananas and vanilla/fudge chocolate ice-cream filling. 

This recipe will approximately make 6-8 crepes:

2 cups cake flour
1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
pinch of salt
2-1/2 cups milk (or 1-1/2 cups milk and 1 cup water)
1-1/2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
2 large eggs
**you can use all-purpose flour, but cake flour has finer texture and higher starch content so it makes your cakes, cookies and other pastries tender. 

**if you haven’t noticed, most Japanese style crepes don’t use butter.  If you want to add butter, that’s fine, but it’ll turn into French crepes

Sift all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. 

Pour the milk/water, oil and eggs in a blender.  Blend until smooth.  Gradually add the flour mixture into the blender (I divided this into 3 parts) and blend until very smooth.  You can use the hand mixer or whisk with hand, but you may have little lumps.  It won’t affect the taste, but you’ll have lumpy crepes.


Let this crepe mixture sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour (even overnight) –  this is to let the gluten sit and relax so that the crepe will be airy (gluten is good if you want to bake breads, etc, but for crepes it’ll be the end product rubbery). 

Take it out from the fridge and mix the mixture with a ladle.  The texture should be very fluid and “runny”.  If the texture still feels a bit thick, add a little more water and mix. 

Heat the pan gradually on a medium high heat, when the pan is hot, scoop a ladle full of crepe mixture and gently pour in the pan and quickly swirl the pan around to spread the mixture.  The first one is your test run, you’ll know if you should lower/raise the heat, and how much mixture to pour in. 


When the bottom side is browned, flip over (I used my long frosting spreader to assist me with this).  Just quickly heat (like 2 seconds) the other side and transfer onto a plate. 


After this, just let your creativity take over!   You can make your filling sweet, savory, eat with butter, etc, etc!!  I’ll show you some pictures of what I did.

the first crepe, I spread with biscoff spread, whipped cream, arranged sliced bananas, and topped it off with a scoop of vanilla/chocolate fudge ice-cream
the second crepe was just whipped cream, sliced peaches, and a scoop of peach ice-cream

My opinion:  These crepes didn’t become crispy as I wanted, but it was still pretty darn good!!  Would I make it again, sure!!  My family sure did enjoy these crepes!!

Revised photo as of Oct. 28, 2011:

I wasn’t satisfied with the original photo of my crepe, so I made another one and took a photo.  I think better than the original, but I will keep on practicing!!


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