Cubano Sandwich (Cuban Sandwich)

Have you had a Cubano Sandwich??  The ingredients are so simple, but it tastes so delicious!!  I really wished I lived near Miami so that I can have different Cubano Sandwiches.  When you can’t get certain food, what do you do? make it at home!! This is another dish I made for my pro-photography session!

(Photographer: Richard “Dexter” Wuest; Food Stylist: Chris Koch)

Cubano sandwiches’ tastes are mainly defined by the pork roast.  That’s why I wanted to do this right.  Few weeks ago I cooked up some Cuban Pork Roast for my Cuban Style Dinner;  I made sure to make extra pork roast so that I can make some Cubano sandwiches! (Obviously, this post wasn’t posted right away…)  I got some really great tips from 3 Guys from Miami, let me list some of these tips here:

Always use Cuban breads, if you can’t get it use French breads (but not baguettes).

Use Cubano sandwich press called “plancha” (panini press without the ridges), if you don’t have plancha, just press the sandwich on the frying pan as it heats so that the sandwich will be flattened.

Aside from maybe butter or garlic, no other condiments are added to the sandwich.  In many places it is common for the sandwiches to be served with mustard on the side. 

Makes 4 Sandwiches:

1-2 loaves Cuban bread
3 tablespoons butter
1 pound ham, sliced
1 pound Cuban pork roast, sliced
1/2 pound Swiss cheese, sliced
15 slices dill pickles

Slice the loaves in halves, spread butter and assemble the ingredients inside the bread.  Heat the frying pan on medium heat (if you don’t have plancha).  Make sure the loaves can fit in the frying pan, put a sheet of aluminum foil and with both of your hands press down the sandwich.  After few minutes flip the sandwiches over and repeat the process.  Diagonally slice the sandwich. 

(Photographer: Richard “Dexter” Wuest; Food Stylist: Chris Koch)

My opinion:  Can something so simple tastes so good?!  Seriously, I don’t think it would have tasted this good if I just used any old pork roast.  Cuban pork roasts are marinated with different spices, citrus and garlic the taste really shines through in this sandwich.  It’s definitely a must try!!   I also understand it’s time intensive to roast a pork, if that’s the case I would marinate the sliced raw pork loin with the Cuban marinade and either pan fry or cook in the oven.  If all else fails or not possible, regular pork roast will be fine too. 


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