Breakfast in a Roll

I feel very uninspired lately.  I think it’s largely due to a very mild Winter we had, and Spring that actually feels like the beginning of Summer!  Also, for close to 2 weeks I have been battling this nasty cold that leaves me so weak I just don’t feel like standing in the kitchen and cook.  All I want to do is lie on a couch/bed and just close my eyes the whole day.  Oh well, enough of my moaning… 

I think we’ve had the record number of take out food in the past 2 weeks, so feeling rather guilty and the need to cook something “homemade” I tackled this simple breakfast food I saw on Pinterest for Sunday dinner.  There were many variations of making this Breakfast in a Roll recipe, so I kind of combined it.  Anyway, it’s not perfect, but it was very tasty.  You can read my opinion on this dish at the end of this post. 


I don’t have exact measurements to the ingredients.  However, I will write down what I used, but seriously, you can put any ingredients you wish and I believe they’ll come out very well. 

I used:

4 rolls (something like Ciabatta rolls, approx. 4 inches in diameter)
Hash Browns – cooked
Sautéed onion, spinach and bell pepper
4 eggs
Feta cheese
Salt and pepper

Take the top off and take out the inside of the bread roll.  Generously spread the inside with butter, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Layer the rolls by adding some hash browns, onions, feta cheese, eggs and top off with spinach and pepper.

In a 350F preheated oven, bake for 15 minutes, then put the top of the roll on and bake for another 10 minutes.

My opinion:

Loved the taste!  I like a bit more seasoning, so maybe I’ll play around with herbs and spices next time. 

Here are things to improve for next time: 

1. Egg cooked fine, however, the outer layer of yolk became a bit too “rubbery”, so maybe I need to cover the bread all the way and just bake without the top the last 5 minutes?  Yolk itself was yummy, still runny enough, but done the right way.

2.  The outer crust of the rolls became a bit too crispy.  You really can’t eat this in a dainty way, I just sliced the roll into half and ate with my hand.  This recipe works the best with the crustier roll, so I don’t know what else to do.  I think I will just have to play around with the oven temp. and the duration it stays in the oven. 

All in all, a very hearty and satisfying meal.  My family really loved and enjoyed this.  All you heard were “mmm, yummm” and bunch of crunching noises.  


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