Cleaning Squash Residue

I know, this is not a recipe post!!  I think this is my 2nd or 3rd non-recipe post, but my first post talking about cleaning something!!  I’m posting this, hoping to save someone out there just like me who keeps on forgetting to wear those darn latex gloves when chopping squashes!!  Wearing any types of gloves goes against my nature, in fact, I completely abhor wearing them, but you know, sometimes I may have to.

Do you ever get sticky film-type residue on your hands after cutting squash varieties (zucchinis & cucumbers)?? I do, and I’m stupid enough to always forget to use latex gloves. Today I chopped 3 medium sized butternut squash (ok, & my hand was in a terrible condition.) After unsuccessfully washing & scrubbing with soap 4x I found a solution to this!!  Hey, if lemon and vinegar can be used for natural cleaning solution I thought these can surely help my yucky filmy hands!!

This is my hand after 4x of washing & scrubbing with water and soap. 

I didn’t have real lemon so I used this lemon juice. 

Pour equal amount of lemon juice & vinegar in a bowl and soak your hands for about 5 minutes (longer if it’s really really bad).  Occasionally rub the film off, but after 5 minutes I took paper towel and just scrubbed the film off my hands.

Aside from the few splotchy spots, my hands are back to norm!!! 


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