Japanese Style Ginger Pork (Buta no Shogo Yaki) and Rice with Green Peas

Today’s post will be a quick one since I’ve been busy cleaning up our soon to be newly renovated bathroom!  Growing up in Japan my mom used to make this (but not frequently enough).  When I came to America at the age of 16 I completely forgot about this dish until now.  I would occasionally remember, but didn’t have to energy to think about exactly which ingredients went in and the quantity until I came upon Harumi Kurihara’s “Japanese Home Cooking”.  This is quite simple and so very delicious!!


Trim the ends of the bean sprouts.

Mix together the soy sauce, mirin and grated ginger and dip the pork slices into this marinade briefly just before cooking.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan over medium heat.  Remove pork from the marinade and add to the pan, making sure it cooks evenly and doesn’t stick together or curl up.  Turn over after a couple of minutes and cook until both sides are browned.  Don’t leave the pork for long, as it cooks pretty fast, but make sure it’s cooked through.

In a separate pan, heat a tablespoon of oil over a high heat.  Add the sliced garlic.  When the aroma is released, add the bean sprouts and stir-fry.  Season with salt and pepper.

Put the bean sprouts onto a serving dish and then lay the slices of pork on top.  Pour any remaining juices from the frying pan over the pork.

Rice with Green Peas: serves 4

1-1/2 cups uncooked short grain rice

1-3/4 cups water

1-1/2 cups green peas

1 Tablespoon sake

1 teaspoon soy sauce

Mix all the ingredients together and cook the rice.

My opinion: One of my daughter is not a huge meat eater nor a meat lover; she especially don’t care much for pork, but guess what?  She had healthy servings of both pork and bean sprouts and didn’t complain once, in fact she said she really liked it!  I had enough left overs (because I made enough for 8 servings!) my husband is so thrilled to take this for his lunch tomorrow 🙂   Ginger is not overpowering, but blends so very well with the pork, soy sauce and mirin.  Bean Sprouts amazingly go very well with this pork.  If you don’t want to bother with the rice just make plain brown or white rice, but I think you should try this green pea rice just once.


One thought on “Japanese Style Ginger Pork (Buta no Shogo Yaki) and Rice with Green Peas

  1. I love ginger and I love pork so this must taste really nice. I have bookmarked this to try at a later date. Thank you for stopping by, for liking many of my posts and for leaving me a note. Have a wonderful week!

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