Strawberry Marshmallows

I’m not a huge marshmallow fan, however, I  have always wanted to make my own marshmallows.  My children love marshmallows, especially in their hot chocolate, but because marshmallows are not in my immediate food radar I haven’t bought any or thought much about them.  My youngest tween daughter mentioned she wanted to make some homemade marshmallows so I searched online and went back to my trusted source Saveur;  the only change I made in this recipe is omit the red food coloring (because I seriously don’t care for it).


Canola oil, for greasing
1½ cups sugar
¾ cup light corn syrup
¼ cup honey
3 tbsp. unflavored powdered gelatin, softened in ½ cup cold water
6 oz. dried strawberries, minced
1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp. cornstarch
½ cup confectioners’ sugar

1. Grease an 8″ x 8″ baking pan, line bottom and sides with parchment paper, and grease paper. Grease a rubber spatula; set aside. **I actually used 9″x13″ and it was still plentiful!

2. Combine sugar, syrup, honey, and ½ cup water in a 2–qt. saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to a simmer; cook, without stirring, until syrup reaches 250° on a candy thermometer. Remove from heat; let cool to 220°.

3. Meanwhile, bring ½ cup water to a boil in a small saucepan. Place bowl of gelatin over boiling water; whisk until gelatin becomes liquid. Transfer to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk; add food coloring. Add cooled sugar syrup to gelatin; whisk on high speed until mixture holds stiff peaks, 5–6 minutes. In a small bowl, toss together strawberries and 1 tbsp. cornstarch; add to marshmallow mixture; mix to incorporate. Pour mixture into prepared pan; smooth top with oiled spatula; let cool until set, 5–6 hours.

4. Combine remaining cornstarch and confectioners’ sugar in a bowl and transfer to a strainer; dust work surface with mixture. Slide a knife around edge of pan to release marshmallows; remove from pan. Dust cornstarch mixture over top. Using a slicing knife dusted with cornstarch mixture, cut marshmallows into forty 1½” squares. Toss marshmallows with remaining cornstarch mixture.


I bought my dried strawberries from Trader Joe’s.


This process takes a bit long, but candy thermometer comes in handy (it’s not expensive so I recommend you buy one if you want to make marshmallows or any other candy based desserts).


Gelatin will melt fairly quickly once placed on top of hot water.


It really looks pretty unimpressive when you start.


After a while of whisking it gradually starts resembling a very thick frosted egg white mixture.


After it was chilled.


Dusting cubed marshmallows with cornstarch & powdered sugar mixture.



My opinion:  Oh gosh, these marshmallows are so much better than the store bought ones!  I actually added more dried strawberries than indicated, but the taste wasn’t overwhelming, and had enough real strawberry tastes (versus the artificial strawberry flavors).  With this recipe as a base you can make so many other variations – for the future we have plans to make green tea marshmallows, orange marshmallows, and chocolate marshmallows!  It’s a bit time consuming, but I can assure you it is all worth it!


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